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Tilt & Turn Windows


As with all our windows, which are manufactured in our factory located near Adamstown, Co. Wexford, we use the highest quality uPVC material from Europe’s leading supplier, Komerling in a range of different colours. Our Tilt and Turn windows are available in dual colours with one colour on the inside and a different colour on the exterior. Tilt and turn windows offer a practical and modern dimension to your home. The tilting option provides ventilation without compromising on security. The window does not have to be fully open to let air into your home, you can simply open it slightly by tilting it slightly inwards. The design also means that when it rains water is prevented from entering your home because of the tilted angle. This makes a tilt and turn window a great practical choice for any home.

This design of window has one handle which works in 2 different ways. When the handle is turned 90° the window will swing inwards opening the window fully inwards and when the handle is turned 180° it will only tilt open at the top.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in dual colours
  • Range of different colours to choose from
  • Durable hardware
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Option of double or triple glazing
  • 70mm 5 chambered profile for higher insulation and strength
  • Excellent energy ratings
  • Eliminate heat loss, noise and draughts
  • Make your home warmer and more secure
  • Number of reinforcing options – steel, aluminium and insulated steel
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