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Stable Doors.

Stable Doors

Composite stable doors have proved to be a very popular choice in recent years. Offering incredible versatility, Moloney Windows’ stable doors are equivalent to the traditional wooden stable door that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a window, whilst the bottom half remains securely closed. Stable doors also provide the additional option of opening both segments together as a single door. Available with two solid half-door panels or with the top panel glazed, a robust locking system ensures maximum security.

This adaptation of the stable door provides maximum ventilation to the home while still ensuring a barrier exists to keep children or pets contained safely indoors. The top and bottom sections can have various glass or panel designs fitted and these doors are also available in many colours and wood grained effect finishes.

All composite stable doors supplied by Moloney Windows are highly secure and durable, combining both practicality and functionality.

Features and Benefits

  • Option to only open the top half of the door or the full door
  • Wide range of glass such as Clear, Cotswold, Minister, Stippolyte, Flemish, Satanized and Patinated
  • Excellent U value ratings.
  • Great heat and sound-insulation.
  • Low thresholds available.
  • High quality security locks as standard.
  • Available in a wide variety of colours.
  • Virtually maintenance-free.
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