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Glass Technology

Choosing the right insulated glass units for new windows can be the difference in lowering energy bills, improving thermal efficiency and lowering the BER rating of the property.

All our glass is sourced from Ireland’s largest glass supplier, Carey Glass Ltd. located in Co. Tipperary. Moloney Windows was one of the first companies in Ireland to lead the way by using high performance A-Rated “Diamante Elite” glass with a warm edge spacer bar in all of our products. This is the latest innovation in insulated glass, offering superb Triple Glazed U–value of 0.7 and a Double Glazed U-value of 1.0 which is up to 136% better than standard double glazing.

Performance glass from Carey Glass offers high performance double and triple glazed units for maximum insulation, lower energy costs and the greatest comfort. When choosing new windows, Moloney Windows provides the highest performance insulated glazing available manufactured to the highest European standards.


  • Eliminates heat loss during cool months
  • Eliminates heat gain during warm months
  • Helps to cut your energy costs and fuel bills
  • High light transmission and optimal clarity
  • Guaranteed precision of glazing unit calibration during manufacture
  • The cavity of the sealed glazing unit is de-mineralised to maintain the integrity of the sealed unit long term
  • High flexibility in terms of unit dimensions and types of glass available
  • Unique safety edges for ease of handling
  • Glass can be toughened for safety and greater security
  • Greater comfort and lower energy costs for your home

Vista Therm Insulated Glass Units are synonymous with the window industry in Ireland as the major brand supplied to the market for many years. The introduction of low emissivity glass redefined the market with performance based products making demands on the sophistication and facilities of the glass industry. It is common sense to use glass products that can save energy and ease the costs of energy on the homeowner while also helping the environment.

With the Elite brand recognised as the leader in the field, Moloney Windows set the pace and our standards are second to none.

Thermal information

Low-emissivity glass (or low-e glass as it is commonly referred to) is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to prevent heat escaping through your windows to the cold outdoors. This type of glass has an invisible coating which dramatically reduces heat transfer and reflects interior heat back into your room. Our uPVC windows and doors, used in conjunction with the correct Low ‘E’ energy sealed units, ensure compliance with the thermal insulation requirements of Building Regulations.

The lower the W/(m2K) value, the better the insulation. When considering the insulation properties of a window, the frame materials must be assessed together with the type of sealed unit. There are many varieties of glass available, with properties designed to improve the comfort of the occupants and reduce the energy requirements and consequently, the running costs of the building.


If you live in an urban area or near a busy roadway, you may wish to enhance your sound insulation. Our A-rated double and triple glazed windows provide excellent sound proofing but if you require extra, laminated glass has a special dampening Viscoplastic core helping to reduce the transmission of sound in noisy locations such as busy streets and airports. It can also be combined with solar neutral Low E, Fire Glass and many others to give a cost effective solution to your requirements.

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